Raipur: निगम कर्मियों के लिए निर्देश, समीक्षा बैठक में फैसला, एक महीने तक ईधन युक्त वाहन पर लगा प्रतिबंध, इस तरीख से चलेगा आपके द्वार कार्यक्रम

रायपुर। (Raipur) निगम कर्मियों के लिए नया निर्देश जारी किया गया है। इस निर्देश के तहत ईधन युक्त वाहन का प्रयोग निगम कर्मी एक महीने तक नहीं कर पाएंगे। मेयर ने सभी निगम कर्मचारियों के लिए निर्देश जारी किया है। (Raipur)नगर निगम की समीक्षा बैठक में यह फैसला लिया गया।

(Raipur)मेयर एजाज ढेबर ने सभी विभाग अध्यक्षो और अधिकारीयो की बैठक ली। शहरी सरकार आपके द्वार कार्यक्रम को लेकर निर्देश दिए है। इसके तहत 27 जनवरी से 27 फरवरी तक अभियान चलेगा।  निगम की टीम मेयर और सभी अधिकारी वार्डों में जायेंगे।  

Accident: 108 से जिला अस्पताल लाया जा रहा था कोरोना पॉजिटिव, अस्पताल ले जाते हुई मौत, इधर पीछे से आ रहे परिवार के लोग हुए हादसे का शिकार, दर्द से कराह रहा पूरा परिवार, मगर नहीं शुरू हुआ इलाज

इस अभियान के दौरान निगम कर्मियों को ईंधन युक्त वाले वाहन प्रतिबन्ध होगा। सभी कर्मी साइकल या पब्लिक व्हीकल का उपयोग कर कार्यालय आएंगे।

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  1. Please read this post slowly slowly.

    The interview

    After the big race sunshine,
    I arrived at an office today,
    Today was my first interview,
    While leaving the house I was thinking,
    Hopefully ! In interview today
    If successful, your
    Goodbye to ancestral house
    Saying that I will settle in the city here, my mother’s daily routine
    Chick Chick will get rid of puffiness.

    From getting up in the morning to sleeping at night, I am disturbed by the chik chik.

    When you wake up, first
    Fix the bed
    Then go to the bathroom,
    The decree is issued when you get out of the bathroom
    Turned off the tap?
    Put the towel in the right place or throw it away?
    If you get out of the house after breakfast, you get scolded
    Fan closed or running?
    Listen what man
    I will leave the house if I get a job ..

    There were many candidates sitting in that office, waiting for the boss.
    It’s ten o’clock

    I saw the porch light still burning in the office,
    My mother remembered, then I turned off the light.

    Water was dripping from the water cooler kept in the office,
    If I remember my father’s scolding, then turn off the water.

    The board wrote, the interview will be on the second floor.

    The light of the ladder was also burning, closed and moved forward,
    So a chair was on the way, removed it and went up.

    🌷 See already existing candidates go and come out immediately,
    Boss found out if I found out
    Nobody asks about the file,
    Send it back.

    I file when the number arrives
    Raised towards the manager.
    After looking at the papers, he said
    “When are you joining?”

    I felt like his question
    Have fun
    He looked at my face and said, this is not a joke, it is a fact.

    Nobody asked anyone in today’s interview,
    Just saw everyone behaving in CCTV,
    Everyone came but nobody turned off the tap or light.

    Blessed are your parents, who raised you so well and gave good values.

    A person who does not have self discipline, however smart and clever he is, cannot manage the race for management and life in the sun.

    On reaching home, he hugged Mommy Dad and thanked him by apologizing to him.

    In comparison to the lesson that I gained, by stopping and interrupting their trivial matters in the trial of my life, my degree had no status and came to know that in the face of life, not only did I write studies, but also my own culture and culture The place is …

    Sanskar is necessary to live in the world.

    Respect for parents is important for the ceremony.

    Life does not last, self-respect is necessary to survive.
    If you like the post, there is no harm in pursuing it.

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